BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan

  BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan By Keeley Moss   Strange but true – Siobhan Fahey’s last appearance with Bananarama for almost 30 years took place in, of all places, the regal realm of the Royal Albert Hall. For a group Pete Waterman termed “The wildest girls in the world”, whoContinue reading “BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan”

Bomb the Bass Drum

  Bomb the Bass Drum By Keeley Moss   I Can’t Help It, Bananarama’s 18th single, released on December 27th 1987, has never been cited as one of their best, and over the years it has been continually overlooked by even the group themselves. Until the 2017 tour dates with Siobhán they hadn’t performed itContinue reading “Bomb the Bass Drum”

‘Rumour’ Has It

  ‘Rumour’ Has It By Keeley Moss   ‘I Heard a Rumour’ was the first Bananarama song I remember hearing on the radio as a child, listening in via the lifeline of my closest childhood friend, the humble Sony Walkman. I heard the song again for the first time in years during the past yearContinue reading “‘Rumour’ Has It”