BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan

  BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan By Keeley Moss   Strange but true – Siobhan Fahey’s last appearance with Bananarama for almost 30 years took place in, of all places, the regal realm of the Royal Albert Hall. For a group Pete Waterman termed “The wildest girls in the world”, whoContinue reading “BRIT of a Do… When Push Came to Siobhan”

We Need to Talk About Keren

We Need to Talk About Keren By Keeley Moss   Part 1 of Power, Corruption and B-Sides probed the outer reaches of 1970s pop behemoths ABBA. Part 2 changed tack to focus on an album by 1960s art-rock renegades The Velvet Underground. Part 3 saw another 360 degree turn to investigate a 1990s album byContinue reading “We Need to Talk About Keren”